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About Us. 

Velocity was founded with one goal in mind, to provide a 360º Training Experience for Athletes in the state of Georgia and the Atlanta Area. We were formed on the basis of Offensive Line and Defensive Line, and through that, we created an environment where athletes can develop a system that works for all athletes and gives them the necessary skills and physcial capibilities to excel on the field, court, ice, or pitch.  This use of a Science and Numbers Based Approach Combined with Knowledge from our past successes and current relationships allows us to provide the most optimal blueprint for our athletes. Our Goal is to create the strongest and most powerful Athletes in the Atlanta Area.  We believe in analyzing and teaching proper body mechanics putting our athletes in a bio-mechanical advantage to be effective, efficient and safe.

To View our Weekly Class Schedule and Book an Appointment Online Please Visit the Link Below

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Sports Performance

Speed and Agility and Strength and Conditioning for All Athletes 

Offensive Line Training

Offensive Line Training from the Middle School Level all the way to the NFL

Defensive Line Training

Defensive Line Training and Pass Rush Techniques used by Pros

Adult Fitness

Adult Fitness for the Forever Athlete looking to lose fat, gain muscle and be in the best shape of their lives

Weekly Calendar
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