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Velocity Athlete Development

Athlete Development

Velocity Athlete Development Georgia Lewis Cine

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Velocity Athlete Development uses systematic training programs that ensures proper athletic development. With the use of cutting edge technology we can take a science based approach to help with personalized training methods that results in specific physiological and neurological adaptions needed to perform at a high level. Our mission is to maximize the potential of every athlete that walks through our doors and give them the training they need to take the next step in their development as they move through our system.

Ascend Athlete Development: 6th-8th

  • Our ASCEND program focuses on developing middle school athletes with the same science based approach the pros get. Building the foundations of a young athlete are incredibly important during this phase of life. Taking a holistic approach to help build the human first then the athlete at this stage is incredibly important.

    • Training Focuses:

      • Movement Literacy

      • Speed Development

      • Power & Strength Foundations

      • Mental Mindset For Competition


Elite Athlete Performance: 9th-12th

  • Our ELITE program is designed to boost performance to help the athlete reach their goals. In this stage we use our scientific backed programming to track data and make decisions that will improve athletic qualities needed to help perform in competition.

    • Training Focuses:

      • Multi-Planar Movement

      • Transferable Speed Training

      • Power Development

      • Functional Strength Training

      • Energy System Demand For Sport

      • Tactical Recovery Methods


Apex Athlete Performance: Collegiate Athletics

  • The APEX program is a comprehensive program we created to help collegiate athletes be ready when they step back on campus. At this stage of life we are focused on maximizing performance to help give the extra edge needed in competition.

    • Training Focuses:

      • Multi-Planar Movement

      •  Transferable Speed Training

      • Maximal Power Outputs

      • Force/Velocity Curve Strength Training

      • Energy System Demand For Sport

      • Individualized Mobility, Stability, & Flexibility Routines

      • Strategic Methods For Mental Performance

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