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Velocity Athlete Development Offensive Line Training

Offensive Line Training

Velocity Athlete Development Offensive Line Training
What Do We Do?

VELOCITY Football Academy was formed to meet the needs of the community for a specialized training program specifically designed for offensive and defensive lineman. A program like this is unique as it has never before been available. Our goal is simple: to create the best of the best linemen and line coaches in the country by providing unique, one of a kind, specialized training programs for entry level young players as well as for intermediate to advanced and elite athletes. VELOCITY is unique and cutting edge as we focus on our core beliefs of developing the whole athlete through tried and true football fundamentals to cutting edge techniques. We believe in analyzing and teaching proper body mechanics putting our athletes in a biomechanical advantage to be effective, efficient and safe.

To Book Appointments Online as well as see our weekly class schedules please visit the link below! 

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