Strength and Conditioning.  

What makes us Different.

Velocity Strength and Conditioning is geared for the Offensive Line athlete so that the work that the athlete puts in during the off season translates to the field of play. We focus on reinforcing correct movement patterns through Strength Training and make sure you have the edge going into the season with our conditioning program that blends many different types of Aerobic conditioning together to give you the edge. Blending these two training methods we aim to give the 360 degree approach to make sure you have the competitive advantage once the hand hits the dirt. 

We use unique strength and condition equipment that facilitates the specific training needed to help our Offensive Line athletes excel on the field of play.  A great example of one of these tools is the Soupbone from LPA (Lineman Performance Association) Strength Equipment.  Click on LPA's Logo for more Information on products.

We also use two strike plates, from The Difference USA,  attached to our rig to help develop an efficient strike while also developing strength and stamina in the process.  Developed by Anthony Schlegel, a former NFL athlete and former S&C coach for the Ohio State Buckeyes, this tool has proven to be a key tool in helping to develop our Offensive Line athletes.

I just couldn't wait to share my new ass

We take what we do at Velocity Football Academy so serious that we will develop a tool to help support our efforts if we can't find what we need in the market place.  Two great examples include our V-Sled and our Battle Racks.  Developed by Owner, Josh Richardson, these tools help aid our efforts in effectively developing the necessary strength and explosive movements for our Offensive Line athletes,  while also helping to ingrain the skill acquisition that transfers to the field of play. 

Velocity Football Academy is a huge supporter of LeCharles Bentley's OlinePerformance and prescribes to many of their methods in developing Offensive Line Athletes.  In addition, we also believe in many of the tools that they have developed to help build the total Offensive Line athlete.  We have what you need here at Velocity to help you achieve your Goals/Dreams!

Velocity Football also uses the Fit-Light System to help increase speed and agility though a reaction based light system. 

330 Ronnell Rd Canton, GA 30115,
Tel: (404) -710-0485

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