Winter Break, Vacation or Advantage?

There’s always a lot of competition going into the new season. One of the biggest gaps in the year is the time between Thanksgiving and Spring ball. What are you doing in that time to get better? You want to make sure you give yourself an advantage over everyone else when it comes time to compete. This becomes especially clear in the world of college athletics. Everyone is bigger, faster, and

stronger than ever before. If you don’t work on your craft year-round then you fall behind someone else who is willing to do the little things. Personally, this is one of the biggest downfalls that I saw when entering college. People who have insane talent but don’t want to work on their craft, whatever that may be, year-round. They simply fall by the wayside and their scholarship is a waste. You don’t want to be that guy and seen as just another wasted scholarship. Do something TODAY to get 1% better.

-Coach Luke

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