What got me there, won't work for you...

I was fortunate to be blessed with size at an early age. I reached 6'4" by the 8th grade (1990). I had two best friends in elementary where we spent many hours outside competing against each other on the basketball court. Outside of this, my commitment to developing my craft as a football player was well... let’s say, embarrassing. Thanks to my size, I had no issues with other opponents at this

young age. In highschool I was fortunate enough to earn a scholarship to play football for the University of Louisville. It was at this point, that I knew I had missed a great opportunity. What I had learned, or didn't learn, and develop at an early age was now coming back to haunt me. This did not just show up on the field, but also in the weight room. Coaches at UofL had to break down all my bad habits that I acquired over the years and build me back up from the ground level. There are more resources and opportunities available to young athletes today than ever before. No longer are the days that you can bet on being a D-1 prospect just because of your size. Our World has become smaller - if you are not aware, this game has gone global. You are no longer competing with athletes from our 50 states for a scholarship, but now from many other countries around the World. If you don't believe me, watch USA football as they compete against these countries. In 2016, Moritz Wilhelm Böhringer was the first European born athlete to be drafted by an NFL team without playing college football. Enjoy the game, have fun, compete, but take advantage of the resources that are available to you, educate yourself and develop your craft so you don't regret anything.

"It is best to be prepared and not get the opportunity, then to get the opportunity and not be prepared." - WHITNEY M. YOUNG, JR.

- Coach Josh

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